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Moving Nabors Alaska Drilling Rig 18-E
to a new drilling location at Prudhoe Bay,
Alaska in the summer of 1977.

Cancer Walk 2007

Heart Walk 2008

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IHBA Drag Boat Racing


As United States of America consumers of gasoline we are to blame for the price of gas at the pump.  Why?  First a little history.

In 1870 Rockefeller forms the Standard Oil Company (Ohio).  In the years that followed he continued to expand his kerosene and lubricating holdings.

In 1911 our U. S. Supreme Court held that Standard Oil originated in illegal monopoly practices and ordered it to be broken up into
34 unrelated holdings including Jersey Standard and Vacuum Oil.

In 1919 Jersey Standard acquires a 50 percent interest in Humble Oil & Refining Company of Texas. 

In 1926 Jersey Standard brings out a new blend of fuel under the trade name Esso.

In 1966 the Vacuum Oil Company changes its name to Mobil Oil Corporation.

In 1972 Jersey Standard officially changes its name to Exxon Corporation.

On March 24, 1989, the tanker Exxon Valdez runs aground in Prince William Sound in Alaska. It is considered one of the most devastating man-made environmental disasters ever to occur at sea.

In 1994, in the case of Baker vs. Exxon, an Anchorage jury awarded $287 million for actual damages and $5 billion for punitive damages. Exxon
appealed the decision and to this date has not paid any of these monies.

On November 30, 1999, Exxon and Mobil join to form the Exxon Mobil Corporation.  It took eleven months for our government to allow that merger.
Is Big Oil running our government again?  It sure does seem like it. 

Our government took on Standard Oil in 1911 and broke them up.  Our government then allowed them to get back together again in 1999.  Is Big Oil running our government?  Our government will not do anything to help us avoid the price gouging that Big Oil is giving us now, so we have to do
something.  Sure we can drill in the Arctic and off shore.  Will that help us next week?  The answer is no.  Our government will eventually allow Big Oil
to drill in the Arctic and off shore anyway.  This will guarantee that Big Oil has future supplies of crude oil and gasoline to sell outside the U.S.  According
to the Energy Information Administration 4,064,000 barrels of "Finished Motor Gasoline" were exported to Mexico in December of 2007, 2,922,000 barrels
in January, 3,885,000 barrels in February and another 3,199,000 barrels in March of 2008.  That is a total of 14,070,000 barrels or 590,940,000 gallons of gasoline that were exported to Mexico in just four months.

The solution is that we join together as consumers.  We have the power to bring the price of gasoline down.  If we do not buy gas from Esso, Mobil and Exxon stations, they will lower the price of a gallon of gas.  Plan your gas purchase and drive past them. Even as they lower their price we must continue
to drive past.  As their storage facilities fill with unsold gasoline the price will continue to drop.  If you purchase gas or diesel fuel from any of the
Exxon Mobile Corporation holdings then you are part of the problem, not the solution.  Together we can do itb>

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